Mavi's gutters offers the complete drain repair and maintenance service for blocked sewers, whether it be domestic or commercial. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise backed up by a range of specialised plant and equipment that give us the ability to handle any problem you may be experiencing with your drains: Blocked Drains/ Water gulleys | Sewer | Drainage Excavation | Repair | Replacement | Pipe Relining

The following is a list of common problems we find in customers’s homes and businesses that are associated with blocked sewer :

Broken, cracked, collapsed pipe

Damaged pipes due to shifting soil, tree root intrusion, settling, building or landscaping works. We can diagnose your blocked drain and locate problems without having to excavate.

Drains blocked

Grease build up, tree root intrusion or foreign object is restricting or prohibiting proper flow. We provide sewer cleaning services for blocked sewers and storm water lines.


Pipes have deteriorated, causing collapses in the line and restricting or blocking proper flow. We have the technology to deal with damaged underground drainage systems.

Blocked drain due to bellied pipe

Pipes have sunk due to ground or soil conditions creating a valley that collects paper and waste. We are experienced drainage excavation professionals with specialised excavation equipment.

Leaking joints

Seals between pipes have broken or perished, allowing waste water to escape into the ground. We can diagnose, locate and repair underground drainage lines without having to excavate using pipe lining technology.

Blocked drain caused by root intrusion

Tree or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line through existing pipe defects causing a blocked drain. We use powerful drain cleaning machines to remove tree root intrusions to unblock drains for blocked sewer and storm water lines.

To be able to effectively identify damaged pipes and remove tree roots a CCTV drain camera is used in conjunction with high pressure water jets to get the job done thoroughly. Anything else is just flying blind.